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Mayor response to SHAREDA


KOTA KINABALU:  The duration of time in the approval of Development Plan (DP) by the City Hall depends on the responses and input from the other relevant technical departments.

Mayor Datuk Abidin Madingkir said the final DP approval can only be issued by the City Hall or Local Authorities, once all the technical inputs have been received from the relevant departments ie.  Public Works Department, Fire and Rescue Department, Land and Survey, and others. 

In accordance with its MS ISO 9001:2008, he explained that certifications by all departments in the City Hall including the approvals of DPs, are subjected to its Client Charter or Piagam Pelanggan.

Responding to SHAREDA’s statement in the local dailies seeking for faster DP approval, the Mayor said SHAREDA should forward their statistics to support their claim.

A technical committee according to him, would be formed in the City Hall to discuss the conditions attached to the DP such the Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA) and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).  Members of the committee will included SHAREDA and all the relevant technical departments.  

On the proposed ‘top-down’ system proposed by SHAREDA which has been accepted by the Central Board, Madingkir who agreed with the proposal said that it must within the ambit of the law.

As for the approval given by the Central Board, he said the approval given is only for zoning purposes and not the DP.
The Mayor said the final DP approval can only be issued by the City Hall or Local Authorities once all the technical approvals from other relevant departments have been received.