ONE FOR THE ALBUM... Mayor of Kota Kinabalu City, Datuk Yeo Boon Hai (middle) presenting a memento to China Liuzhou City's Deputy Mayor, Lu Liuping during a courtesy call   to the Mayor’s office on 14 July 2017.

Datuk Yeo welcomed the delegation of six people who are in Kota Kinabalu for a three–days visit to gain more insights on the opportunities and establishing connection and cooperation between both cities.

Liuzhou, the "Guizhong commercial port" in ancient times, located in Central Guang Xi, a location with convenient transportation and picturesque sceneries, is now the industrial centre in Southwest China. Liuzhou has an area of 18,600 square kilometers and a population of 386 million people.

As the largest industrial city in Guangxi, Liuzhou has formed an industrial system with pillar industries of automobile, machinery, and steel, with the total industrial output value of 478.119 billion Yuan and 464 enterprises with industrial output value beyond 100 million Yuan. In 2017, Liuzhou was awarded "2016 China's Top 100 Cities by GDP" and "China's 200 Most Attractive Cities".

Lu Liuping thanked Datuk Yeo for accepting the visit and said that it was a fruitful discussion and exchange of ideas. She also expressed the intention to form a friendship city connection with Kota Kinabalu City.  Datuk Yeo said that this shall be submitted to the State Government before any decision is made by the City Hall.

Also present were Xu Gang, Deputy Consultant of Liuzhou Education Bureau, Ye Yongdong, Deputy Director of Chengzhong District Government, Huang Feihu, Deputy Director of Liunan Director Government, Huang Xiaorong, Section Chief of Liuzhou FA & OCA Office, Liu Rong, Director of UMS Offshore Office and officials from Kota Kinabalu City Hall including David Ng, Director of Information Technology Department, Syron Tunggolou, Director of Complaints and Public Relations Department and Joanna Johnny Goh, Officer of Economic, Tourism and International Relations Bureau. The group were also given a guided tour in KKCH's building.

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